Many of the customers that we work with at Piper Electric are seeking general electrical contracting and electrical design services. These are typically projects where something needs to be built or installed from the ground up, and that is certainly the backbone of our business. But more often, we are hearing from customers who are not only interested in from-scratch contracting projects but want to update and improve what is already in place. Electrical wiring and components that were installed only ten years earlier can often be upgraded with newer materials and designs that can be used to significantly improve energy efficiency. These improvements in materials can then be paired with automated solutions and modern data to improve most of the energy systems we use every day.  Here are some of the ways that modern technology is helping to bring energy savings into both residential and commercial spaces.

More for Less

Often times when people think about saving money on their electric bill, they talk about solutions like turning down the heat or making sure that lights are turned off when not in use. This is really a process called energy conservation, using less power resources than you normally would. The goal of energy efficiency upgrades is to get more for less, not to just use less. Rather than using a heating or lighting system less often, an update of materials or design can allow for more energy to come out of existing systems. Light bulbs are one of the most common examples of simple ways to improve efficiency, but today’s technology can take us much further.

Identifying Savings on Electricity

Depending on if our customers are looking to improve a commercial, industrial, or residential space our expert technicians will be able to identify the easiest ways to improve efficiency. In the case of a home, these solutions could include updating insulation in important areas or replacing outdated wiring. For efficiency solutions in a business setting, our electricians can help identify cost savings through implementing smart solutions and automation to cut down on day-to-day usage of power. In all cases, we can provide advice and solutions that are specifically tailored to meet your needs. 

Putting Data to Work

All good energy efficiency plans are going to be data-driven. The installation of new appliances and wiring systems can seem like a financial loss at first, but over time these changes will all add up to significant savings down the line. During an initial consultation, our technicians can offer an easy-to-understand breakdown of how different energy efficiency solutions will save you money over the course of their lifetime. This information includes climate and weather information specific to your region.

Electrical Upgrades from Your Denver Electrician

Our knowledge extends beyond the basics of electrical upgrades and engineering, and includes a wide range of information that can be used to improve electrical efficiency. Need an electrical contractor for residential or commercial needs? Contact us today.