Scott Strasheim
Cell Phone 303-422-9219

Scott Strasheim

Chief Estimator

Scott Strasheim has over 30 years of electrical experience in Residential, Commercial, and light Industrial.  He received his Journeyman’s License in 1998 and became a Project Superintendent and carried that title for 13 years. In March 2011 he was promoted to Estimator/Project Manager and then received his Master’s License in 2012.  Scott was then promoted to Chief Estimator at Piper Electric in 2018.  At Piper Electric he is responsible for the communication and gathering buy-in to each project at all levels of management and employees. In 2021, he took on another adventure and started teaching 1st-year students at IECRM.

Years in the Industry?

Favorite Project in Your Career?
Denver Metal Finishing

What Do You Like Best at Piper Electric?
The People and History

Favorite Hobby?
Dirt Bike Trail Riding

Drink of Choice?

Favorite Artist / Music Group?
Van Halen with Sami or David

On Your Way To Work, You Typically Listen To....?
Talk Radio/Podcast or Pandora

Favorite Food?

Inspiring Quote to Live By?
"If you want something you've never had, you must do something you've never done." THOMAS JEFFERSON

Hidden Talent?

Most Interesting Place Traveled?
Washington, D.C.

What Pets Do You Have at Home?
Two Yorkshire Terriers 

What is Your Dream Car?
1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible 

The Superpower You Would Want?

Best Concert You Have Seen?