Benefits of Building Automation

The commercial and industrial facilities that we’ve worked with that have installed building automation have found it to improve up-time, reduce maintenance and energy costs, and eliminate the headaches of electrical system failures. Smart technology has advanced beyond gimmicks and novelty; BAS controlled by programmable logic controllers has been become a practical and affordable smart solution for Denver area businesses.

Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Everything, it seems, is going “smart” these days: smart phones, smart cars, smart appliances, and even smart buildings. These advances have improved the function of many of the basic systems and infrastructures we use every day. Many businesses have found that efficiency can be improved and costs reduced by harnessing these “smart” technologies. Leading the way in “smart” solutions for Denver area businesses, Piper Electric Co., Inc. installs BAS for commercial and industrial buildings.

The Power of Building Automation Systems

Building Automation Systems or Energy Management Systems (EMS) monitor, regulate, and control many of the electrical systems necessary to keep a large facility operating efficiently and reliably. These include vital systems like:

  • Interior/exterior lighting
  • Energy usage (HVAC)z
  • Fire alarms

… as well as nearly any other electrical system. BAS can, for example, adjust lighting in a large office building or commercial space based on average daily usage rates or on the amount of usable natural light at a given time. They can also ensure that security systems are functioning properly so a breach is quickly detected.

Comprehensive Quality Electrical Services

Our Plant and Facilities Service team is comprised of licensed, experienced industrial electricians who are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of large facilities. Our expertise includes:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Automated system repairs and upgrades
  • Retrofitting
  • Lighting improvements and repairs
  • Manufacturing machinery repair and upgrades
  • Standard electrical needs
  • Code compliance
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • And more

Our licensed industrial electricians are devoted to their craft, have experience with every kind of large industrial facility, and have earned Piper Electric Co., Inc., an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Our Safety Record

PFS personnel take safety seriously. They understand that safety needs to be a focus of each electrician for the entirety of the construction project. To that end, PFS ensures that:

  • Our Safety Manager inspects and reports on job conditions
  • We conduct weekly, documented safety meetings
  • Our safety incentives increase safety awareness
  • We are an industry leader in safety with an EMR consistently lower than industry average

Because of these precautions, our safety record is second to none.

Our Customer Service

PFS team members are dedicated to making your industrial construction project run as smoothly as possible. All of our industrial clients receive a number of benefits and services that go above and beyond; here’s what you will get:

  • Quick, efficient analysis and productive troubleshooting
  • Continuous operation–no unscheduled shutdowns
  • One source for high tech installation
  • An “In and out” service that minimizes disturbances and downtime
  • Professional scheduling and efficient performance
  • The highest possible value with the lowest end-cost
  • An assigned Personal Account Manager

It’s because of our superior customer service that some of Denver’s largest manufacturers have trusted their facilities to Piper Electric Co., Inc.

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The Right Way—The Piper Way

Our Facilities and Plant Services personnel have been getting new industrial construction projects up and running for  33 years. Whether the project is large or small, Piper Electric Co., Inc. guarantees the highest quality service at a fair price, finished on time and on budget. Give us a call today to set up a meeting with our industrial electricians.


Our construction experience is deep and varied

  • Industrial – High Tech
  • Commercial – Retail
  • LEED Projects
  • Resort and Hotel
  • Mixed Use
  • Recreation and Sports Facilities
  • Institutional, Schools, Universities
  • Bio-tech – Pharmaceutical
  • Clean Rooms
  • Manufacturing Plants

Positive Results

Professional Project Management

  • Professional scheduling assistance
  • Electronically connected
  • Turnkey capabilities with innovative planning
  • Emphasis: Teamwork and Can-do Attitude

Horse Power

Resources for large, quick, complex projects

  • Field Managers trained in our Training Center
  • Apprentices trained in the CITC/IEC 4-year program
  • Industry wide labor resources

Low Cost

Efficiency = Time = $Money

  • Quick process of submittals and shop drawings
  • SMART scheduling eliminates costly delays
  • Change order control
  • Value engineering
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Prefabricated assemblies from our in-house
  • Prefab Department
  • Efficient project close-out

Safety First

Award Winning safety program

  • Annual winner of ABC STEP Safety Award
  • Full time on-staff Safety Manager
  • Safety training program in our Training Center