It is easy to understand why there is so much discussion about interior and exterior design, or energy efficiency when it comes to home lighting solutions, but should those be your only concerns? An often overlooked part of this conversation is also very important‑security. Different types of lighting, especially on the outside of your property, can also help keep you and your family safe.

Take a walk around your property at night and take a survey of the exterior lighting that is already in place. Make a note of any significant dark spots, especially those near entryways or first-floor windows. When you have a sense of the gaps in your exterior lighting, one of our experienced Piper electricians will be happy to discuss a range of different solutions and fixtures. We are also happy to upgrade wiring and exterior outlets for new features like floodlights.

One of the most interesting things about upgrading the lights on the outside of your property is that there are options you normally wouldn’t use on the interior. Timed lights can be a great way to fill in dark spots during the evenings, and can play an important security role when you are away from home for any extended period of time. As any home security consultant will tell you, intruders tend to steer clear of well-lit areas if they can help it. Motion-activated lights can be a great option as well, not only to alert you of any trespassers but also for your own use during evenings. Piper Electric consultants can lay out a range of different ways to connect traditional lights with timed and/or motion activated fixtures to craft a setup that meets your specific needs.

The world is getting smarter, at least in some ways. Modern floodlights, motion-activated entryway lamps, and other fixtures can now all be easily connected together for coordination. You can either link these systems on a fixed home control, or they can be networked together for remote use on a smartphone app. When combined with a smart door camera, this type of networked exterior lighting will give you an entirely new level of control over your home’s security. As with any significant electrical upgrade, better energy efficiency will also come along for the ride. Give us a call or visit Piper Electric online and you will be on your way to a safer, cheaper, and better connected exterior lighting setup.