Now that summer is here in full force it is the perfect time to think about all of your outdoor home electrical needs. This is the time of year when we all enjoy gathering outside, whether it is for a social function, an al fresco meal or a night of lawn games with family and friends. We want to make sure that our Piper Electric customers are safely and conveniently set up for all of their summertime plans, and installing outdoor outlets is one feature that can often make a big difference at this time of the year. 

Installing Outdoor Outlets

Sometimes outdoor outlets can seem like a bit of an unnecessary luxury, but that feeling usually goes away when you begin to think long term. Electrical use on the outside of the home increases by leaps and bounds during warm weather, especially for things like additional lighting, gardening, and maintenance. While many of these needs can be met with an extension cord, those tend to be cumbersome and not well-suited for use year after year. For tasks that you are likely to repeat annually, like trimming hedges and entertaining, it is a great idea to install permanent outdoor fixtures. 


Extension cords, even those that are brand new and up to present electrical code, come with safety concerns. They can be stepped on, tripped over, caught in machinery, and generally just get in the way. Those issues come in addition to general deterioration after extended use. Our certified electrocutions can easily install exterior outlets in busy areas generally used for maintenance and entertaining. That way plugging in hedge trimmers, exterior lights or sound speakers is easy and causes no safety concerns. At Piper, we also offer whole home inspections for just $300, and would be happy to take a look at the outside of your property to see where exterior outlets would be a good fit.


One of the most obvious benefits of outdoor plugs is decoration. It is not just the summertime that calls for outside power, also think of Christmas lights and Halloween decorations. It is much easier and safer to power a string of lights or an inflatable lawn feature with secure, grounded outlets than with extension cords. It will also save you setup time and remove the need to store cumbersome extensions during the offseason.