With the housing market booming as the COVID-19 pandemic slowly fades away, more and more people are entering the real estate market. All across the country, properties are selling for more than their asking prices, leading many homeowners to consider their selling options.

Our certified electricians at Piper Electric can offer you comprehensive home electric inspections for just $300* if you are looking at electrical upgrades before buying or selling a home. For the sellers out there, consider these quick and easy electrical upgrades that many buyers will be looking for.

Energy Efficiency

Before selling your home it is always a good idea to take a look around and address any electrical upgrades in fixtures that may be outdated and are easily replaceable. This includes small changes for lamps and fixtures that may use older bulbs which can easily be replaced with energy efficient LEDs. These may seem like small changes to make when it comes to decisions about purchasing a new home, but little details often make the difference. Home buyers often draw from a large pool of potential properties, and energy efficiency is a common concern. There is no reason to eliminate prospective buyers over easy fixes. 

Upgrade Your Outlets

The outlets of your home are the primary way that you and future owners are going to interact with the electrical system. They are also some of the fixtures that are commonly out-of-date. Older homes often have older two-pronged outlets that do not include a third prong for grounding. Grounding wires allow electricity to be discharged safely, instead of finding its way into walls and floors or (sometimes) people. Replacing these outlets is simple and they can be identified during a Piper Electric home inspection. Also consider ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets, which can be identified by the small red or white squares on the front. These electrical upgrades include automatic shutoffs in the event of surges or appliance malfunctions. 

Electrical Upgrades in Exterior Features 

Don’t limit electrical upgrades to the electrics that are located inside of your home. Most of us are going to have exterior fixtures as well, even if it is something small like a lamppost or a flood light. Follow the same procedures at these locations, making sure that wiring, outlets and bulbs are all up to date and code. If you are concerned about an exterior fixture that is outdated, consider replacing it with a more modern solution. These locations are some of the first places that prospective buyers will look at, and often impact first impressions. 

*Maximum 2-hour inspection time per household. Restrictions apply. Call for details.