Bedroom Mood Setting

You’ve picked out the perfect bed and bedroom furniture and your bedding makes you look forward to tucking into bed for the night. But the mood in your bedroom just doesn’t seem right. Lighting is one element of bedroom design that is often forgotten. It’s a pity because lighting sets the mood in the bedroom. The right lighting will create a space that invites you to rest your head at night. Here are some creative ways to set the right mood in your bedroom with lighting.

Layer Your Lighting

The best way to set the mood in a bedroom is to layer your lighting. Overhead lights can be harsh. However, when combined with ambient or task lighting, you can achieve a good balance for activities in the bedroom and create a relaxed mood. Layering your lighting allows you to switch between different lights. Combine ceiling fixtures with floor lamps, bedside lamps and wall sconces. The type and number of lights you include will depend on the space available as well as the theme of your décor.

Install Bedroom Lighting Dimmers

The bedroom is primarily a room that you come to when you want to rest. However, there are various other activities that are carried out in the bedroom that may call for brighter lighting such as when getting ready for the day. Dimmers allow you to adjust the intensity of the lights in your room and set the mood. You can have your lights bright when reading or getting ready for bed and adjust them to a lower intensity for a more relaxed mood when winding down for bed. Dimmers can help to make your lighting fixtures take on multiple roles.

Install Pendant Bedside Lighting

Bedside lighting is key for creating a sense of balance as well as providing a soothing, warm and inviting touch. Bedside lighting is also great for tasks such as reading before going to bed. Pendant bedside lights are a great option for saving space on your nightstands. These lights will bring the eye down and out, making even a small bedroom feel much larger. Choose lights with a soft glow for a more relaxed feel even when reading.

Change Your Lampshade

You can change the mood in your room completely by replacing your lampshade. Opt for a lampshade that stands out. A large basket weave lampshade will have that ‘wow’ factor while helping you achieve softer lighting. Ensure your choice supports the theme of your bedroom décor.

Bedroom Lighting Installation by Piper Electric

Proper lighting in the bedroom can help you achieve an inviting and relaxing mood. It’s all about finding the right balance for you.

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