Sometimes we lose perspective when it comes to the power of things that we interact with every day. When electricity first started to make its way into the world and eventually private homes, there was plenty of public worry about the danger of people being hurt. Now, in many ways, we have shifted to the opposite side of the spectrum, to a time when electricity is so common that we simply don’t think about it. Piper Electric prides itself on always staying focused on safety, both for our employees and our customers. This is especially important when children are involved, so the first step in keeping your children safe is to remember the dangers of electricity.


Standard baby proofing is a great place to start in keeping your children safe. Young children are curious by nature, as any parent will tell you. It should go without saying that when babies are around, you should secure all outlets properly using child-proof plastic. Before your children get to the age when they can start exploring and moving around on their own, common sense is your easiest defense against any accidents: Keep children away from any sources of electricity including outlets, surge protectors, appliances and lights. Avoid overcrowded outlets and try to always use electrical appliances as recommended.


Once children get to the age where they can move and explore on their own, keeping them safe from electricity becomes a different task. The best way to start after you have gone through all of the childproofing safety measures is to educate your children about electricity. As adults, we all have the knowledge that electrical outlets and appliances can be dangerous, but we had to learn that at some point. Don’t just warn young children not to go near certain things because they are dangerous. Explain to them what these things are and how they work, even if it means using simple terms that they can understand.


When possible, be sure to follow the safety measures that you discuss. Children will often follow the example of adults, even if they don’t listen as well as we would like. Don’t limit this education just to potential dangers around the house. Of the thousands of children that are involved in electrical accidents each year, many of those occur outside of the home. That includes hazards from exterior utility boxes, power lines, and other electrical equipment. Point these out to your children and explain what they are and how they can be harmful.


The last thing to consider when it comes to safety is something that you can control and Piper Electric can help you with. Having properly maintained and constructed electrical systems in and around your home is the best way to prevent injury and keep your family safe. Our electricians and contractors are committed to the highest possible safety standards and are here to help you keep your home up and running. Replacing old wiring and other out-of-date appliances and infrastructure should always be a top priority when it comes to keeping children safe around the house. Following these tips and teaching your children about electrical safety are some of the easiest to keep everyone safe.