Today more than ever, we are having conversations with our customers about digital technology in their homes and businesses. Everyone is looking for ways to improve the efficiency and usability of their electrical systems. There are a number of different automation systems that can integrate heating, cooling, electrical and security systems that are on the market today. Understandably, many people are wary about turning control of their home over to one automated setup, so we wanted to talk a little bit about the pros and cons of automating your home.


As mentioned earlier, your home or business can be automated to varying degrees depending on need. Automating absolutely all the electrical functions together so that they can be controlled from one platform is the far end of a spectrum that includes smaller steps along the way. One place that many of our customers like to start is with automation of their heating and cooling systems so that the temperature of their home can be controlled remotely. This is a simple first step that is a great way to improve energy efficiency and save money, but home automation also covers a wide range of other services. Our electricians and staff will be happy to discuss the variety of home functions that can be automated so that you can make an informed choice about the setup that is right for you. One of the biggest benefits to automation parts of your home or business is that your system can be specifically designed to control the functions that are most important to you.


The greatest advantage of home automation is information. Having an integrated system that controls the security, climate, lighting and basic functions of your home will also provide you with peace of mind and allow you to check-in day or night. Today’s automated systems allow for remote access to any exterior cameras and give homeowners a chance to feel at ease even when they are away. Even if you are not automating the security system of your home, simply scheduling exterior and interior lights is a great way to deter criminal activity.


Depending on the level of automation you desire, the installation of your system can be expensive and labor intensive. Our electricians will be able to give you an introductory quote and let you know about any changes to the wiring infrastructure of your home that will have to be made. The good news, in this case, is that once automation systems are put in place, their software can be updated easily down the road allowing you to continue to reap the benefits of improved energy efficiency and security. Primary installation and any construction costs are important to consider.


When the idea of automating home systems comes up, one of the questions that always tends to follow is: what if something goes wrong? Having the ability to control all the functions of your home remotely sounds great, but it can also leave people worried about the possibility for something to go wrong. Purchasing a reliable automation system and choosing a trusted installation expert like Piper will greatly reduce the chance of having to repair your system. But all the same, total integration does include vulnerability as well as efficiency. This is not a red flag that should deter you from considering home automation, but it is important to think about.