Now that you’ve ensured through Piper Electric that your home electric grid is in great shape, the next step is to invest in the future and reducing your electric bill. The easiest way to do this is to catalog all appliances in your home as well as light sources and determine whether or not these are the most cost-effective products for the long-term future of your home.


LED stands for “light emitting diode” and these bulbs can produce light roughly 90% more efficiently than the outdated incandescent bulbs. As a way to improve performance, instead of having the bulb give off wasteful heat energy, the heat is absorbed into a heat sink and prolongs the viability of the bulb. LED bulbs are able to project light in specific directions as opposed to the wide-ranging approach of incandescent bulbs. These are also available in smaller size fixtures that make them perfect for accent lighting under cabinets or countertops. By investing a few extra dollars in LED light fixtures you can save hundreds in the long-run over the course of owning your home.


Saving on an electric bill goes beyond just turning out the lights or television when you leave the room. Did you know that some appliances are constantly using electricity even when they are not on? The best way to combat this is by researching and purchasing new, high-efficiency, appliances when the time comes to replace your older ones. Although, like LED bulbs, the initial cost may be higher the savings over the lifetime of that product will add up. The most important appliances to consider replacing are your washer, dryer, and dishwasher. These are all appliances that use a significant amount of electricity and are used almost every day. The best thing about purchasing new high-efficiency appliances is that there are federal tax credits as well as some localized state based credits as well. If you replace all appliances in your house with high-efficiency variants, you could end up saving several hundred dollars a year in your electric bills. As always, if there are any questions as to whether your appliances will work with your current electrical layout, Piper Electric is only a call away and will gladly assist you in making your home more electrically efficient.


By simply replacing light bulbs and considering replacing old appliances when the time comes you can save hundreds each year on your electric bills. After making some of these changes you should see your monthly bill drop lower and lower. Of course this still depends on you monitoring your electrical usage and being diligent in turning off appliances when not in use and reducing light usage. However, it does not take much to lower your electric bill and invest in the future of your home. Using LED bulbs and high-efficiency appliances are the perfect way to start and for everything else, call Piper Electric!