As spring rolls into summer, you may be asking yourself, “Is my home ready for the coming season?” The hot air-conditioned months are at your door, along with thunderstorm, critter and vacation season. Whether you are worried about energy savings, vulnerability to the onslaught of summer wildlife, or keeping the lights on through any possible power outages in your future, now may be a good time to think about how you can prepare your home’s electrical system with some important maintenance or upgrades to have the safest, cheapest, and most comfortable summer possible.


With summer comes the high-electricity appliances, and maybe even a higher occupancy than usual to use them. If you have kids spending more time than usual at home as they get out of school, you can expect your electrical usage to go up during school vacation. This may be a good time to make sure that your air conditioner, lights, and appliances are as energy efficient as possible, which can sometimes be as easy as cleaning your air filters and getting high-efficiency light bulbs. If you want to go the extra mile for a more efficient home and long term financial and environmental benefits, there are many options out there to optimize your homes energy usage. A professional electrician can help you evaluate your options for efficiency and install the right system for you to monitor and optimize your home’s electricity.


Summer can also mean more rain, so make sure that your electronics are protected against power surges that could damage any unprotected devices. As the grid comes on and offline, surges can occur that household appliances are not built for. If you are unsure what in your home needs protecting, or if it’s worth it, a professional assessment can guide you through what you do and don’t need.


If you suspect a faulty wiring connection, get it checked before summer heat turns your house and property into waiting kindling. These kinds of maintenance checks require a professional eye, so be sure to schedule a maintenance evaluation. Fire protection devices are another smart and simple way to ensure a safe home.


Finally, for some, summer means one thing: vacation. During this time you can really maximize your energy savings if you have a system that is remotely accessible. You can check in on your home and turn lights on and off for the right balance of security and savings, and to make sure that your home isn’t keeping itself cool when no one is home. At the very least, it is worth looking into the optimal settings for all of your electronics to make sure your home is safe and energy efficient while you’re gone.


Summer is time for fun. It’s a time for camping, barbecue, and baseball, and it doesn’t need to be a high cost-season for your safety and comfort. Talk to an electrical professional to make sure you are ready for the heat!