As the cost of everyday life soars higher, many people are looking for alternative ways to keep their utility bills lower. With cable, it doesn’t matter if you watch less television — they will charge you the same amount. However, if you use less electricity, your bill will reduce as well. Beyond changing your light bulbs to the more efficient kind, there are several solutions that may reduce your overall monthly electric bill without sacrificing power or performance.


One of the largest consumers of energy in your house is the hot water heater. Washing machines, showers, and dishwashers all use the hot water heater to function. (Note: Using cold wash will save on the bill, too!) Most heaters have a thermostat that can be adjusted to a lower temperature and still do the same jobs just fine. However, many dishwashers require 140°F to operate at a sanitary level. Consult the manuals for both before adjusting any temperatures.


In the summer we all know that having fans to move the A/C throughout the house is a necessity. But did you know that they are just as useful in winter to circulate heat? Be sure to remember to adjust the setting on your ceiling fan so that the blades spin clockwise and trap the heat lower in the room. If your house is fitted with central air, using small directional toppers on your vents will propel warm air in the correct directions. This will all hopefully keep your high usage electrical systems at a minimum and your level of comfort ideal.


Even adults can be guilty of a lesson they so quickly say themselves. I’m sure everyone had heard, “Turn the lights off when you leave.” Well sometimes people forget, and those lights slowly add cents to your bottom line. So no matter who forgets to turn off the lights, everyone is covered with motion sensing switches installed by Piper Electric.


No matter your provider, 


it is important to understand that they might offer “off-peak” rates. This means that there are different prices for different times of the day, certain days in particular, or even seasonally. If your provider does offer “off-peak” rates it might lower your electric bill to do your laundry at these times or maybe run your dishwasher once the lower rates go into effect.

In addition to running your appliances at less expensive non-peak hours, you need to ensure that you are operating them correctly. For example, making sure that your laundry loads are appropriately sized will reduce energy in both the wash and dry cycle. Also, placing dishes in the dishwasher correctly will reduce water usage. Be sure to place glasses and bowls open side down on the top rack so that they can rinse effectively without obstructing the water flow. Another helpful reminder is game systems, desktop computers, and certain televisions will consume energy unless turned off completely.


After prolonged use, even the most inconspicuous air filter can become clogged with dust and debris. It is important to regularly maintain your air filters at all levels to ensure appliances and heating/cooling systems are working at maximum efficiency. In addition to changing out the common sense filters, make sure you pull out your refrigerator and check the compressor system in the back. Same thing with your dryer vent. It is vital to clean the vent hose of your machine dryer routinely so as to improve efficiency and reduce the risk of a fire.


Do your lights flicker? Does a certain breaker seem to be tripping more than it should? Are you ready to upgrade your switches or outlets? Piper Electric Co., Inc.’s residential electrical service team and technicians are always ready to help you. The best way to lower your electric bill is to make sure that the entire system is working as it should. Not only will this help reduce your monthly bill, but it will also give you the peace of mind knowing that your wiring, lighting, and appliances are all working safely.

As the summer fades to winter, now is the best time to run through this energy saving checklist. If and when problems arise, remember that Piper Electric Co., Inc. is always available to help with our 24-hour Emergency Service at (303) 422-9219 and free estimates.