We’ve all been there. You are preparing for a nice dinner or, you are in the middle of work when it happens. The power goes out. Leaving you quite literally in the dark.  It is not a pleasant feeling.

The first thought is that you forgot to pay your bill, then you realize your payment went through last week. So what happened?

Most likely something tripped your circuit breaker, and it needs to be reset.

There are many common reasons circuit breakers can trip leaving you in the dark.

Circuit Overload- Perhaps the most common reason your circuit blows is due to an overload. This is also the most dangerous reason, and faulty electric wiring or electrical overload is considered one of the main reasons for house fires. To handle this problem, avoid overloading the circuit breaker by limited the number of high-voltage appliances you plug into one outlet.

Short Circuit- If you smell burnt wires after a circuit breaker trips and shuts off your appliances, you may have experienced a short circuit. Look for black circles around your outlet or other signs that your wiring has short-circuited. Do not try to repair this problem yourself. Instead, contact a professional to do it.

Ground Faults- Another dangerous condition that may cause your system to short out is a ground fault. This happens when a live wire comes into contact with the grounded area. This involves the grounding setup of your wiring and can lead to electrical shock. Call an expert on this issue to avoid an accident.

Storms & Lightning- One of the most common reasons for circuit breaker issues is a storm. If you have recently had a storm or are in the middle of one when it happens, this can be considered a suspect. Lightning can hit any area of our home that is grounded in your electrical system. Sometimes lightning hits something near your home and temporarily suspends your electricity. If it lasts longer than this though, there may have been a direct hit that could have damaged your equipment. Get a professional to check this out as soon as possible.

Appliance Breakdowns- Sometimes your circuit breaker can trip because of faulty or damaged wiring. This usually stems from a central electrical source and can cause a fire or total blackouts. To avoid this problem and to keep from overloading your power source, contact an electrician expert to check your appliances before you plug them in.

Coming Out of the Dark

If you are sitting in the dark due to a circuit breaker tripping, you need the expert advice and help of the experts. At Piper Electric, we can handle electrical issues no matter what the cause is. We can go in and run tests on your electrical system., your circuit breakers, and appliances to see which part of the system needs repair. Then we will work harder to make your home safe from electrical issues that may endanger you and your loved ones.

To find out more about how we can help, contact at 303-558-5853.