The summer heat may make your home feel very uncomfortable. Using an air conditioner is a popular way to keep your home cool. Yet, it may be quite costly to install and maintain air conditioning in your house. Plus, wading through all the available options can be frustrating. The good news is, you can always get expert help from the professionals at Piper Electric. You should also take a look at the following tips to help you get started.

Reduce the amount of sunshine entering the house

The sunshine entering your home can cause the air inside to heat up pretty quickly. This can be avoided by covering your windows. Using drapes and curtains is a simple way to reduce heat in your house. You can even buy special blackout curtains that will help keep your home’s temperature down. At the very least, cover the windows that are directly in the sun rays’ path.

Use ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an affordable way to cool down your house. They cost much less than air conditioning. And, you won’t have to spend as much money on your electricity bill. Using fans will improve how air circulates in your house. In fact, using fans together with your air conditioning will keep your house cool without increasing your energy costs. When in doubt, it might be best to speak to an expert. They will be able to advise on the best way of keeping your house cool in an efficient way.

Keep your house properly sealed

When your AC is running, it’s important that the house is properly sealed off. You don’t want the cool air to escape through an open window. On the flip side, hot air entering the house will put make it more expensive for your air conditioner to keep you cool.

However, if the temperature outside is less than what it is inside, try turning your AC off. Instead, open windows that oppose each other. Then, sit back and enjoy the cool breeze rushing through your house!

Manage your air conditioner

As much as possible, your air conditioners should be kept in the shade. If you can, have your AC installed on the North side of the house. That side of the house gets less heat during the day. Doing this will help to reduce your running costs.

It’s also best to switch your AC unit off when you’re not at home. Your house will not stay cooler just because the AC was on the whole day. The next tip gives you a much better option.

Use a programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat will ensure that your AC only runs during certain times of the day. That way, you can ensure that the unit doesn’t stay on when it’s not needed. This is a crucial step if you want to save money while keeping your house cool.

Make sure that there are no heat-emitting objects around your thermostat. ¬†This includes lamps, ovens, or even desktop computers. The extra heat will “confuse” the device about the room’s temperature. As a result, the AC unit will work harder to keep the room cool. In turn, this will end up wasting money due to high power consumption.

When it comes to cooling your house, it’s always best to speak to an expert. They can help you figure out the best options for your budget. You will also avoid a lot of trouble that can come from buying the wrong cooling equipment. Find out how you can get your needs met – get in touch now!