Summer Safety Tips brought to you by Denver Electrician Piper Electric Co., Inc.Summer Safety Tips

  • Bug Bites – Try to avoid bug bites which can lead to allergic and adverse reactions. Wear protective clothing, use bug repellent and stay on paths etc.
  • Wear a helmet every time you bike.
  • Be safe around the swimming pool, parents should always have 100% attention on their kids.
  • Wear Sunscreen. Not only can it help prevent burns, but it can help deter skin cancer later in life as well early aging of the skin.  Sunscreen should be at least SPF 15 and be applied every 80 minutes.
  • Avoid Poison Ivy, poison oak and sumac. Learn what these plants look like and avoid exposure.
  • Beware of summer dehydration. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink, drink plenty throughout any day, especially when you are in the sun and heat.
  • Know the signs of heat stroke, and seek medical attention if you think you might have it. Vomiting, rapid breathing and increased heart rate are just a few signs.
  • Be watchful of children around the grill. Grills can remain hot long after they are off.  Never let a child touch or cook on the grill.
  • It only takes 10 minutes for a baby’s skin to get a sunburn – keep infants out of the sun.
  • Beware of fireworks, not only are they illegal in many states, they can cause serve burns.
  • Metal on playgrounds can become very hot during summer months, always ensure playground equipment is safe before you place you kids on it.
  • Always wear closed toed shoes when mowing the lawn.
  • Never leave kids or pets in a car – especially during hot summer months.
  • Always remain still if using a sparkler, and douse in a bucket of water when done.
  • Children and poor swimmers should always use a personal flotation device when on a boat of other watercraft.
  • Water wings cannot keep a child from drowning.
  • Do not dive in less than nine feet of water.
  • Hot sidewalks, sand on more can burn the soles of your feet, or damage a pets paws.


Denver Electrician Piper Electric Wishes you and your family a happy and healthy summer of 2015!


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