Electrical Safety Facts & Tips Denver

Electrical Safety Facts & Tips

The National Safety Council Electrical Safety Facts & Tips can help minimize electrical hazards and cut down the risk of accidents through education.

Electricity is nature’s most versatile form of energy.  The power of electricity can be dangerous if it is not used correctly. Electrical energy can damage property and ignite fires. It is important to ensure your safety around “Hot” electricity. The hazard of electricity cannot be eliminated, but it can be controlled. The more you understand about electrical energy, the safer you will be at work and home:


What causes electric shock?
You can get an electric shock if you touch a grounded surface and hazardous electrical equipment at the same time. The shock happens when the flow of electric current (amperage) from the electrical equipment goes through your body to the ground.  Just a small amount of amperage can hurt or be fatal.


Protecting yourself at work

  • Are you aware only trained, qualified and authorized employees are permitted to work on electrical equipment?   Denver Electric Company Piper Electric Co., Inc. has licensed and background checked staff on call and waiting to help you with your electric needs.
  • Are your electric systems up to Code?  Trust Piper Electric Company, in Arvada, to ensure your work meets code standards.
  • Are extension cords and appliance cords in good repair and properly rated for the way they are intended to be used?
  • Are you using 3-prong receptacles for 3-prong plugs?
  • Are you protecting yourself with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) in wet/damp areas like kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors?
  • Are you protecting your equipment and home with circuit breakers?
  • Are you closing electrical control panels and covering receptacle boxes?
  • Do you use equipment and tools the way they are designed to be used?
  • Do you report immediately any damage or defective equipment, power hand tools or machinery?
  • Are you looking for posted signs that identify electrical hazards? Are you following lockout/tag out procedures?


Piper Electric Co., inc. can help with all of your electrical needs, commercial electric or residential electric.  We are located in Arvada, Colorado and serve Boulder, Denver, Thornton, Westminster, Highlands Ranch, and most cities along the front range.


Thanks to the National Safety Council for Electrical Safety Facts & Tips