outlet-issuesSometimes the smallest residential electrical issue can be a  big headache. When outlets trip, for example, there are generally several electrical devices or appliances being used in one electrical zone. Then POP! No more power.

GFCIs May Be to Blame

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are outlets that trip themselves when they detect certain problems. They are designed to prevent electrical shock and other potential dangerous accidents, which is why they are required in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, outdoor areas, and unfinished areas .

Many homes have GFCIs in the required areas but not all over the house. So it’s common that electrical circuits will start at the GFCI and flow “downstream” to other outlets that are required to be GFCI’s. While this provides a level of protection for the entire circuit, a GFCI trip in the bathroom, for example, may take down an outlet in  another bathroom.  You would need  to identify the GFCI outlet where the trip happened and reset it. .  This can be a frustrating and time consuming process.

Faulty Outlet Solutions

If GFCIs are to blame (which is likely), it’s best that you convert all of your outlets to GFCIs. Piper Electric Co., Inc. has been helping homeowners in the Denver area for 31 years. We will diagnose the problem and give you a fair price  for your issue. Give us a call today if you need help with any home electrical issues.

If you are currently experiencing any outlet issues at home, don’t hesitate to give the Denver electricians here at Piper Electric Co., Inc. contact us now! Just fill out our CONTACT FORM to schedule an appointment as your earliest convenience!