home wiring issuesWe live in a wired world, appliances, lights, computers, and more need to  be plugged in.  All of those wires can become unsightly  depending on where they need to be run.  Think of a flat screen TV with the mess of wires hanging behind it, instead of being hidden—which would look better?

Unfortunately, phone and cable providers generally will not run wires based on a homeowner’s preference, and many of these companies will only wire on the exterior of a home. They will do things the easiest way possible, which usually involves running cables on the outside of the house and drilling in at the point of use. This may leave you with wires and cables placed along your walls not to your preference.

Phone or Cable Wire Help   

Some homes have certain wires—phone lines, typically—that are built in, but very few homes have cables for TV or other networks hardwired.    These phone and cable wiring issues could cause problems with connectivity and performance of certain devices.

This is where Piper Electric Co., Inc. can help.  We offer different products and solutions to help tame a wire jungle.  From Hubbell USB chargers, to running cables through walls we can assess your individual needs and provide a free electrical service estimate.

The phone or cable company may not be experts in home wiring,  but there are Arvada and Denver electricians who are. Piper Electric Co., Inc. is trusted by homeowners across the Denver metro area thanks to our 31 years of exceptional residential electrical service, free estimates, fair pricing, and superior work. We have a team of experienced residential specialists ready to give you phone or cable wire help. Give us a call today to see how we can help you to get those unsightly wires in their proper place.