hot-tubHome hot tubs are becoming more popular. And why not? There’s nothing better than relaxing after a hard day’s work in a hot tub with a cold drink. But the increased demand has created a plethora of options for consumers to consider. Of course, hot tubs come in all  colors and sizes with differing jet placements and a range of other features, but getting a hot tub bubbling is not as easy as many people think.

A hot tub cannot be simply plopped on a deck, filled with water, and plugged in. Here are some hot tub owner tips to consider before you look at buying a hot tub.

Do I need a permit?

Most — locales require a homeowner to obtain a permit before installing a hot tub. Check with your local officials to see if this is required in your area.

Where am I going to put it?

Finding the right spot is vital. Make sure it’s in a convenient place, generally close to the house so that it’s not hard to get to at night.,. If you are going to put it on a deck, make sure that your deck is rated for the right amount of weight. One gallon of water weighs about 8.3 lbs., meaning most hot tubs will weigh at least 4,500 pounds before people get in.

What kind of electrical equipment do I need?

Different hot tubs have different electrical needs. Some of the units have a normal three prong plug, but it’s much more common for the hot tubs to need  50 -70  amps of electricity, which means they will require hardwiring. Depending on how much electricity your home is using, you may need to upgrade your electric panel.  This hot tub circuit   will need to be  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protected, which is an electrical code requirement.

Who is going to do my electrical installation?

Don’t leave a hot tub electrical installation to an amateur. Hot tubs are expensive electrical appliances that draw a lot of power and need to be operational at all times without negatively affecting your home electric. You may need a special wiring run, additional amperage, or fairly complicated electrical services that should be left to the professionals.

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