Imagine going to a restaurant and being asked to pay to see the menu. You probably wouldn’t wait around to hear about the soup du jour. Yet that is what many electrical companies in Denver expect. Before customers even have a chance to review their options, they are asked to pay a trip charge or service fee.

At Piper Electric Co., Inc., we have always offered free electrical service estimates in Denver and surrounding areas because we believe that you should know exactly what you are getting before you spend a penny. It doesn’t matter to us if you are a homeowner, business owner, or plant manager, we will assess your electrical issues and give you a fair estimate before you owe us anything.

What Do I Get with My Free Estimate?

An experienced, certified electrician will visit you at your home or business, evaluate your issue, and patiently explain the problem is and exactly what can be done  to fix it in terms that you can understand. You will then receive a written estimate of the work to be completed. The estimate will include

  • All costs for materials and labor
  • Fees for permits, hazardous materials, or inspections (if necessary)
  • Sales tax
  • A “Not-to-exceed” price point

“A customer who received a free estimate said this about one of our Arvada electricians: He took the time to walk with me through the house … discussing all the issues in detail … [He] did not push or try to sell us on anything. I noticed this right away in comparison to another company.” All of our technicians will treat you the same way—The Piper Way!

Turn the Page on “Flat-rate” Pricing

What if you opened a menu at a restaurant and everything was $20? That might seem like a fair price for the filet, but not for the side salad. With flat-rate pricing, electrical companies may be trying to hide fees or labor costs, which could end up costing customers more. A “time and materials” pricing approach based on a free electrical service estimate guarantees that you pay only for the work you need.

Give Piper Electric Co., Inc. a call to get your free electrical estimates today!