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Just like every other industry, the electrical industry is constantly changing and improving. Sticking with out-dated practices will leave electrical contracting companies behind their competitors. A high quality, leading electrical management team stays ahead of the industry and keeps their services up-to-date and revolutionized.

With 30 years of quality, respected electrical service, our Piper Electric Co., Inc. management team wants to keep you informed of the electrical industry times and illustrate how we stay ahead for our customer’s benefit. Piper Electric Co., Inc. practices the most current mandatory and up-to-date standards of the industry. Inform yourself so your home or business’s electrical work is updated and relevant for today.

As stated above, the electrical industry is changing rapidly. Just a few years ago building owners were changing their lighting from “old technology” T12 fluorescent lamps and magnetic ballasts to T8 lamps with electronic ballasts. This resulted in more uniform lighting that was less expensive to operate. Then came the T5 lamps and now …. LED lamps and fixtures. The new LED fixtures and lamps can result in an enormous energy savings, but buyer beware. Many manufacturers and contractors have sprung up to chase the new LED lighting market. Some of them are reputable and deliver a good product, but some of them are fledging and can leave a client “in-the-dark.” Thus, if you are in the market for energy savings through lighting make sure you deal with an experienced electrical manufacture and contractor.

In addition to pricing determine how long they have been in business, how their warranty compares, what licenses they and their installers possess and ask for references. Make sure they will be there should you have problems. These steps will leave you with a brighter (pun intended) future. For more management tips or other professional advice, don’t hesitate to give our professional Colorado electrical contractors a call at Piper Electric Co., Inc. We’d be glad to help you!