bbb-logoThe Better Business Bureau, which is known to many as the BBB, is in existence to maintain trust between consumers and businesses. Since 1912, the Better Business Bureau has been providing consumers with reviews on businesses in the United States and Canada. In addition, the BBB works to reconcile issues that a consumer has with a business. Businesses that are trustworthy will receive high ratings. Businesses that do not do well, have many complaints, and have substandard business practices will receive low ratings.

Suppose that a homeowner or a business is seeking an electrical subcontractor.  There are plenty of businesses and individuals who specialize in this trade. However, talk is cheap, and references can be forged. The Better Business Bureau has put hours of research into determining which companies are  trustworthy, and provided each of these companies an exemplary rating.  This means that the BBB has officially looked into the credentials and claims of electrical subcontractors. Some have received a high BBB rating while others have not. A benefit of the BBB is that it has already done the homework for what company or companies will do the work correctly. This information can provide peace of mind and reassurance to someone who is looking to hire a Denver electrical subcontractor.

A high rating can draw people to a trustworthy business, such as Piper Electric Co., Inc. We have been serving the community of Denver for more than 30 years and we  stand by our quality work.  While this statement is easy to say, the Better Business Bureau has given Piper Electric Co., Inc. a high rating —an “A+.”  With this stamp of approval, consumers can hire Piper Electric Co., Inc.  with confidence.

Having a non-profit organization do research to find what businesses are trustworthy makes a big difference in saving money, providing quality work and hiring with confidence.   The Denver Better Business Bureau is a fine example. When in need of a trustworthy business, go to the BBB.