electrical-workWhen a home or commercial building needs electrical work, many owners make the mistake of only getting a single estimate for the job. Getting multiple estimates may take longer than just having one Denver electrician visit the premises, but this extra time could lead to substantial savings and a better quality of workmanship.

Who to Call for Denver Electrician Estimates

When getting electrical estimates, the first place to call is Piper Electric Co., Inc. The experienced professionals at Piper Electric Co., Inc. offer high-quality work at an affordable and competitive price.  The free estimate manner of pricing electrical services can assure a no surprise, no risk way to get work done.  Clients can shop around for the best price vs. value company, and can budget for work.   Piper Electric Co., Inc. recommends getting three estimates before you schedule repairs or maintenance.  Asking friends, co-workers and family members who have recently had electrical work done may yield companies to consider, or checking local resources like the Better Business Bureau or your local Chamber of Commerce.

What Electrical Contractor Estimates Should Include

There are several important aspects of any project that should be included in an electrical  estimate. Both material costs and labor costs should be specified. Any special fees for work permits or city inspections should also be listed. Sales tax and hazardous material fees should be indicated as well. In addition, the estimate should include a date that the amount is guaranteed through as well as a “not to exceed” price point.  . Any estimate should allow home and business owners to compare the quality of the materials used by different electrical contractors and getting multiple estimates in writing can help property owners compare the hourly labor rates of contractors as well as any other service fees.

Benefits of Getting Multiple Electrical Contractor Estimates

Having multiple written estimates in hand helps to ensure to clients there aren’t any unwelcome surprises when a final bill for services comes due. Clients can plan for the expense and have time to secure financing if needed. The terms of payment, payment method and timeline of the project are important considerations on work estimates,  before deciding which professional electrical contracting company to hire, home and business owners should also ensure any estimate includes a stipulation for  final approval of  work before their final payment is required.  If you need an estimate, call Piper Electric Co., Inc.