electricianWhether it has to do with a simple home improvement or a more in-depth renovation, a permit for electrical work is required to obtain permission from the governing authority to go forward with the project. Permit pulling—requesting a permit from a governing authority, which could be State, County or City —can be challenging for homeowners who are not familiar with electrical plans. but the process of pulling permits for electrical work is fairly straightforward if you understand and meet all requirements for electrical contractors.

Each city, county and state can have varied building codes, so it is important to use a professional who is versed in navigating this process. Permit pulling requires first submitting an official application that includes a schematic of what electrical work is going to be done. There will be a permit fee involved to cover the application cost, the review and the inspection. Once a plan is approved, a permit will be issued, and work can begin. On-site inspections will be conducted to ensure that all of the work conforms to the permit as well as building codes and plans. Depending upon the size of the project, there may be more than one inspection, usually a rough and final or possibly partials of either. These inspections serve to protect homeowners from faulty or possibly hazardous work. A code official will come by at the project end in order to provide all required documentation. Final approval will only be given once full code compliance is met which could mean NEC, UBC or IBC regulations. If the homeowner is completing the electrical work as a do-it-yourself project, it may take multiple visits from the code official before a final approval is provided, depending upon the skill level of the homeowner.

Piper Electric Co., Inc. adheres to all code requirements when it comes to pulling permits for electrical work. It can be advantageous to hire an electrical contractor because they understand the entire process and are able to meet all plan and code requirements the first time around. This can speed up the overall job saving time and possibly money. Piper Electric Co., Inc. can provide electrical improvements and upgrades to ensure that the liability of the job is on the contractor instead of the homeowner. The required inspections will still be conducted, but any contractor who pulls the permit is the one responsible for making all repairs to ensure that the completed work passes inspection.

By hiring an electrical contractor such as Piper Electric Co. Inc., a homeowner can sit back and enjoy having electrical improvements done for them without any of the hassles of pulling a permit or worrying about conforming to building codes.