Surge-SuppressionA surge suppressor, commonly referred to as a surge protector, is a tool designed to protect electrical equipment from sudden increases in voltage. The suppressor works by limiting the voltage allotted to an electrical device, by grounding any voltage beyond the appropriate threshold.

Suppressors are often used in industrial settings with devices installed in communication systems, power distribution panels and process control systems. Smaller versions of suppressors are used in homes to protect household appliances from voltage hazards.  These types of suppressors are different from protecting plug strips that are commonly used for plugging multiple electronics into the same area.

Benefits of Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors
Transient voltage, referred to as a “power surge,” is an increase in voltage above the safely determined level. The standard voltage is 120 volts in residential and commercial buildings in the United States. If the voltage exceeds this amount, it may cause serious damage to any electrical devices powered by the outlets experiencing a surge.

A transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) works by passing excess electrical current into an outlet’s grounding wire. Increases in voltage may not ruin an electronic device immediately, but they do contribute to expedited wear over time. A TVSS works best residentially for large appliances such as a dishwasher or refrigerator.  The TVSS simply works to pass the outlet’s current to the devices plugged into it, thus protecting it over time and possibly extending the life of that appliance.

Piper Electric
Piper Electric Co., Inc. recommends a surge protector for any setting, from a large industrial facility to a start-up business or small residential space. These devices save expensive and necessary electrical equipment from damage, wear and deteriorated functionality. Piper Electric strongly recommends using protective power strips for high-end electronics that remain plugged in, such as televisions and computers, and a TVSS for large appliances.

Piper Electric provides TVSSs in addition to offering full electrical services, including 24-hour emergency service from state-licensed electricians. Other services include wiring for home theaters, televisions and phone systems.